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A Beautiful New Hotel
Swimming pool - Massage - Hispeed Internet

Less than $10 US daily


Furnished apartments
A/c, balcony, tv, mini-fridge

Only 3,200 baht monthly

Power and water extra
based on usage

Cable tv and internet avail.
Everything incl. 4,500 baht monthly or $130 U.S.

Clean, safe, good location,
and affordable

Chiang Mai is tranquil compared to Bangkok or Pattaya but it does offer soapie massages which have become popular with men visiting Thailand.

Our website wants to provide our visitors with information on topics that will be of interest to them. For your information the most common search when it comes down to Thailand is not vacation, holidays, Doi Suthep, or Thai foods or most words or phrases you would come up with. The most common search words when it comes down to Thailand is "soapie massage".

When it comes to Massage establishments that provide a bit more,or Massage & Men's clubs in Chiang Mai you will notice that they are not in the city centre but on the outskirts of the city but still within easy reach by red taxi or tuk tuk.

There are 5 Massage & Men's Clubs in Chiang Mai that provide soapie massages. Mention their names to any tuk tuk driver or taxi driver and an address or instructions on how to get there are NOT REQUIRED.

These establishments often offer a karaoke bar and restaurant on site. Normally on the main level is the commonly referrred to "fishbowl" where you select a lady.

If you arrive at a naughty massage or men's club by taxi the driver will escort you in and make sure the manager sees that he is brought in a customer as it is common for them to receive 500 baht or more for each customer they bring to the men's club (soapie) and less for the "naughtie massage".

So up to you if you want to arrive with a taxi driver or if you want to get out a block away and walk there and save yourself some money.


Try it once if you want to spend more than you have to. It doesn't come cheap. The price is dependant on the lady you select. Obviously the more popular and prettiest come at a higher price. For 1-2 hours the price could be 4-5,000 baht including tip to the lady.

Right now I am not recommending any soapie massges in Chiang Mai. Why? Because from a value perspective you can get much more for less. In Chiang Mai as in Thailand there is a two price system. One price for Thai customers and one for farang's (foreigners). When I inquired at Pandora's about the price one time I was told 1,200 for one hour and the next day 2,800 for one hour. Just so happens that every time I visited Pandoras the pickings were slim. I visited in the afternoon, late night and an hour before close and not much to pick from. If you arrive just before 3 a.m. you can select from 3-5 ladies and have a one hour session to 4 a.m. closing.

If you are visiting Chiang Mai and want the companionship of a nice Thai lady there are much better ways.

Due to popular demand a new service has been added which will offer gentlemen visiting Chiang Mai young Thai ladies who serve as companions and escorts.

Senior gentlmen and professionals not wanting to wander from bar to bar having to spend on bar tabs and ladies drinks have requested this service and we are pleased to announce that our ladies photo's and the newly completed web page is ready and more Thai ladies for you to select from will be featured shortly.

Let one of our attractive Thai ladies join you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and entertainment in Chiang Mai.

No need to dine alone or sit at a table alone listening to live music or watching a show.

Our companions and escorts are not tour guides they are ladies who are personable and willing to accompany you where you want to go while you are visiting Chian Mai.

They will take your picture if you ask them and even be part of your photos so you can show your friends.

We are trying to recruit ladies who speak other languages such as Japanese and Chinese for the benefit of our Chinese and Japanese clients, but it is not an easy task and we will let you know how we make out.

The ladies at Pandora and Sayuri will more likely have an attitude and not want to visit you at your hotel. So you can save money and have a much better opportunity of having a longer term companion if you follow our advice. If I randomly picked 4 ladies from Boss Massage or Sayuri/Pandora and asked you to select which from Boss and which were from the soapies you probably would not be able to guess right.

So you can go to a soapie 3 times and spend 12,000 baht for a total of 6 hours with 3 different Thai ladies who will forget you after the session and not want to have anything more to do with you, or you can spend 6,000 baht and have a lady with you 18 hours or more. If you re-visit Chiang Mai you might be able to see her again.

Which sounds better to you???

If you have money to burn and it is of no consequence to you then you do what you want. If you want to spend full days or part days with lovely ladies who do not have an attitude and can be your date when you go out to dinner, shopping and entertainment.

For those of you who do not care about money, and are filthy rich, then give me a call when you are here and you can treat me to a soapie for free.

Click here to visit the Chiang Mai Escort Services webpage - - NEW

Now I have heard some negative comments about some of the soapies recently. I won't mention the names and what I heard.

Note: When you go to these soapies you have to go at the right time. Get there at a time when the Japanese have landed in mass from a tour bus and this happens regularly then you will find your pickings slim. Another reason why we say that there are better alternatives out there for you.

Click here to visit the Chiang Mai Outcall Massage webpage

Click here to visit the Chiang Mai Incall Massage webpage

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Where other tours have finished for the day at 3 and 4 p.m. these tours are still going strong. Fantastic sightseeing tours during the day and exciting nightlife tours in the evenings. These tours carry on where others have stopped.
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Join a group of adults with similar interests and get the best pricing and the most fun. There will be someone to take your photo, someone to play pool with, and someone to play a round of golf with in our tour groups.

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