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Man made moat surrounds
the old city and is bordered
by beautiful flowers & tress

Wat Phrathat at Doi Suthep

One of the most revered
Buddhist temples in all
of Thailand and definately
the most opular tourist site
in all of Chiang Mai

Kuad Kaew Central Mall
One of two huge malls
in Chiang Mai

Entrance to shopping mall
at Night Bazaar
Thousands of quality items
on sale at great prices.

Located in the Doi Inthanon
National Park

One of the Buddhist Temples
within the City

Stand out in front and
ask a group member
to take your photo

Thai cooking class,
eat what you cook and receive
a "free" 70 page color
Thai cook book

Optional Add on

Photo courtesy of Dusit Golf

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Cosmetic Surgery Tour Packages:

Well we covered briefly how to get a Free Vacation in Thailand. That being by coming here for surgery be it hair transplant, facelift, liposuction, dental or other.

You can have the surgery done here and while you recover you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Chiang Mai, Thailands second largest city. After all is said and done you will have a great vacation and money left over from what you would have paid to have the work done in your home country.

I personally have met with a Doctor who does hair transplants. He did not give me the cost of his treatment/surgery nor did I ask. I am sure that you would have that information quoted to you and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Recently I met with another doctor who does what they refer to as a "Sunglass Facelift". It is a harmless facelift to correct the central lateral and middle underlying portions of sagging facial muscles, ie. wringkles, bagging, crows feet, jowly cheecks, ugly folds, cat beards, and drooping sad-look of the lips.

Please note that we are NOT RECOMMENDING this doctor as his clinic is incapable of responding to emails as that is the bloodline of communications these days.

These days appearance matters. People want to see attractive people selling products on T.V. and performing in movies and they themselves feel better and perform better when they envision themselves looking better.

Just imagine what you would look like with some corrective surgery.

Now how would you feel if you looked like that? FANTASTIC, you could take on the world.

Many finely trained doctors and surgeons reside here in Chiang Mai and they have built very successful practises. Unfortunately many people still do not realize the quality of services that are available here or the affordability in terms of cost.

If someone did a special on T.V. and showed some before and afters and revealed the cost of the surgery then people would flock here. Often people cannot afford to have the surgery done. Sometimes it is that and sometimes it is that they would feel ackward after the surgery ie. hair transplant.

I would say forget about what people think. Contact us for information and we will help you locate the best surgeon in Chiang Mai to deal with the treatment that you want. Then you can go ahead and consult with the doctor and find our how long the treatment will take and the cost and if you are satisfied then contact us. We will find you affordable accommodations here. We recommend a one months stay as that is when the discounts and special pricing kicks in.

We will find you one month accommodations from $400 - $460 US. For $460 right now we have gorgeous executive condo's in a great location, with new A/C. new TV, balcony, hot plate, microwave, swimming pool, internet in room. The accommodations will be either an executive condo or a deluxe room at a hotel. And as to the meals they are delicious and inexpensive. Imagine a delicous All you can Eat Buffet for less than $3 U.S.

Now after talking to Dr. Lee I understand that within a week you could return home but why do that when you can have a great vacation here and an affordable vacation becomes downright cheap when you stay a month.

What people coming here to Chiang Mai do not realize is that we can get you accommodations for one month for the same price as you would pay if you stayed only two weeks.

Some of the other cosmetic surgery takes longer ie. dental implant. So take your time, enjoy your stay in one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of S.E. Asia, and Chiang Mai's second largest city. Only one hour north of Bangkok by plane at only $70 U.S. return.

Look good, feel good, and be more confident and successful.

Return home after one month looking younger and better. People will not know what has happened to your appearance but that you look great and you will receive many compliments.

Now I do not receive anything for saying what I do. No deals, no commissions, no work done at a reduced price or for free. Wish I did. I am merely telling you what is possible here.

If you want we will help you achieve a new look. You will be glad you did. The doctors may after a year or so decide to give me some treatment for a reduced price. Hmmm. perhaps a hair transplant. I often wonder what is like to have a full head of hair. Or perhaps some dental work as I need that also.

Our Tour Package::

We will custom design a tour package around your surgery and your ability physically and according to your doctors instructions.

So keep in mind that we will get you accommodations that are as good as or better than most hotels here in Chiang Mai for a fraction of the price.

Perhaps you want a swimming pool, perhaps you want a mniifridge and hotplate so that you can cook up some of your favourite dishes.

Chiangmai Brew House- only microverewery in Northern Thailand
Appetizing food and evening entertainment - seating for 800

International Floral Exhibition- Nov 1/06 - Jan. 31/07
Day trip to Myanmar - "Golden Triangle"
ATV Tour- 260 cc- Best ATV in Thailand
Sky Adventure- Microflight flying
Round of golf at a local course
Visit the Hilltribe people
Romantic Boat Cruise
Thai Cooking School
Simon Chiang Show
Group Karaoke
Chiang Mai Zoo
Elephant rides
Antique shops
Orchid farm
Snake farm
Go karting
Worlds Largest Jewelry Store
Extension to beaches at Patong or Pattaya

So many things to do. So many places to visit.

These are just some of the many things you can do whether you come here as a single, family, or group. Just tell us which you prefer and we will put together an itinerary for you.

Just e-mail

[email protected]

with any questions you have regarding you own situation